Monday, November 8, 2010

Some things never get old...

One of my favorite children's books growing up was Thunder Cake 
(but, shhh I've never actually made one...guess I'll have to wait for that "free" moment when it's thundering outside).

Anyhow, I just love Patricia Polacco's artwork, which is probably what pulled me in first.  I can't decide what the medium is - watercolor and pencil?  And with the simple sense of adventure between the young girl and her grandmother I was toast.

Aren't they intriguing?

Oh, if we all had an old victorian house like hers to do our work in! 

And don't these yummy photos from "Posie Gets Cozy" make you want to bake a thunder cake too?

 I love fresh rasberries!

...and almonds

...what's your favorite children's book?
Junkyard Wonders

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