The Creation of Old.New.Blue.

Well, most of us have heard the saying, or at least a piece of it: 

"Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue, 
and a silver sixpence in her shoe." 

And, although Old. New. Blue. is not actually a wedding website or blog, the idea for Old.New.Blue. stemmed from three things: some things old, some things new, and yes, every now and then, a little something blue.

My hope is that this design blog will bring out the beauty in all three of these things - whether it be a picture from the past, an idea for the future, or a clear day outside.

The concept of Old.New.Blue. originated in a school project; and then, well, the blog shortly followed suit. While the project is past completion, the blog for Old.New.Blue. continues on. I hope you enjoy it!

* is in no way affiliated with any company, product, service or persons associated with Old. New. Blue. was created as a school project, continues to run as a source of entertainment, and does not generate any substantial revenue.