Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Polaroid Partiality

Well, I'm about to begin working on my collection, but luckily I remembered I hadn't blogged for the morning...

So I open up Etsy; when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature Polaroid, 8 tiny when near!!

Okay, so maybe it's not Christmas quite yet, but wouldn't these make for some fun cards?

Or hey, why not just use them as decorations?
I love the look of hanging pictures on a clothes line with wooden clips (I actually painted some to hang black and white photographs when I was out in Colorado)!

A calendar would make for a great gift too though...and check out the inside!
Or a photograph of Salvador Dali's original boat, named after his wife (and muse!)
docked at Portlligat bay!  How cool is that?!

Oh, and for those of your wondering, I have made it to day 3 of boot camp
(thank you alarm clock).
But, alas, time to finish the latte and get to sewing!  Bed, I will see you tonight...

Thank you Ella K Sverdlov for this inspiring photography.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
...can't believe another week has almost flown by again
2 weeks and my collection will be finished...
2 weeks.
2 weeks.
2 weeks.

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