Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike...

...or at least that's what I'd like to think!

I hesitated to post this earlier in the week when I saw that The Sartorialist had literally JUST beaten me to it.  I was thinking about how I would organize my own blog for the day (which I will get to momentarily), when I was scrolling through his (one of my favorites) and realized he had posted the picture above! 

Well, I could claim my idea was "stolen"; but why do that when I can revel in the fact that, for a day, I might just have chanced upon something before the ever alluring Scott Schuman?

I had a wonderful weekend beginning last Saturday night; as I finally went to a drive-in movie theatre (something I've been hoping to do for at least several years now)...

What more does one need?

Oh, you mean besides the cutest concession stand you've ever seen...

or maybe some of the best company around...

...but who's being biased

And finally - a few "old" scenes that started off the movie; which I might add, just happened to be Toy Story 3 (also featured in The Sartorialist's Sept.7th post).  

...noise through the radio, stars out up above, nothing more to do; just thankful for your love...

simple things bring you joy
if only for today
never waiting for tomorrow
just hoping for the day...

for Andrew -  who took me to the movies
and let me be a child

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