Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Up Up and Away

It's August already?!?  How does time always seem to go by so quickly?

Well, it's Monday, which means it's a workday - both at the desk and the sewing machine - because this Monday also means I'm under 24 hours from needing to be ready for the Tom's Style Your Sole Charity Fashion Show at Cabana.

These aren't the Tom's I've designed, but I can't say I'd be upset if I had this pair that Evelina Rodriguez designed while working for the company:

And while we're on the balloon theme, check out this necklace I bought a few weeks ago from Violet Bella.  There's just something about hot air balloons that makes you feel like a little kid again!

Or maybe it's just my true love for Up! shining through...


but in either case, I hope this gives you a little "lift me up" on your Monday!

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